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RobsWebsites.com hosts websites for businesses, clubs, families and friends. I provide quality webhosting on a dedicated webserver located in Florida, USA. This means I have total control and respond quickly to solve any customer problems with their websites.
I dont offer unrealistic guarantees for server uptimes but I do make sure the server is performing 100 percent.
I monitor the server through Alertra.com and know within minutes if the server is experiencing any problems. To test the server for yourself make use of Alertra's Spot Check page

Websites made easy

For many people, making a website is strange and new. I am committed to making it as simple as possible for them.
My Webhosting service provides flexibility for casual users, web publishers or designers to use any presentation tool that fits their needs for the task at hand. Most tasks can be performed by using two simple web products.
PHP is a versatile and easy to use scripting language that is supported by most webhosting services. Thousands of free applications written in PHP are available for website designers to perform almost any task.
MySQL is a database product for storage and retrieval of information. When used with PHP they form the basis of a powerful web toolkit.

My Webhosting Plan - Keeping it simple.

The One Plan
All accounts have a 'Fair Use' policy of 1 Gigabyte of server space and 10GB of data per month.
Unlimited email addresses and Unlimited databases. You can have blogs, forums or personal sites.
Webmail, WebFTP, Web Control Panel and POP mail included.
Hosting Only - $20 per year (you own your domain name).
Hosting and Domain name - $40 per year (we purchase your domain name).
Free email support for all of my customers.
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*NEW* Website Package!

10 sites for $100Au per year
I now offer a multi-site package that gives you up to 10 websites. This equates to only $10 per year per site. Host your personal blog, your business website, your game forum for less than others charge for one website. You get all the great features listed above for half the price.
Just start your account, select the Reseller Package, Pay through Paypal and you're away.

Contact Me

Hi, I'm Robert Arrowsmith and I live in Melbourne, Australia.
If you have any questions please email me at robert@robswebsites.com
You can also call me on my mobile phone (int) +61404030372 (in Aust 0404030372).

Disclaimer - Terms of Use.
The websites and their contents hosted by RobsWebsites.com are owned by the site owners. RobsWebsites.com does not allow any illegal images, documents or other items. Usage of this webhosting service will be considered an agreement to the terms of use. Any users found misusing their service or not conforming to the Terms Of Use will have their service terminated and files and documents removed.
NOTE! All prices shown are in Australian Dollars.
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